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Motzie's work

Motzie Dapul is a queer Pinay writer, artist, and animator who's bringing Filipino and LGBTQ+ themed stories to global audiences, primarily through genre stories such as fantasy/mythology, sci-fi, horror, and romance (often all at once).

She's best known as the creator (writer, editor, protagonist voice actor) of supernatural horror audio drama The Hi Nay Podcast.

She immigrated to Canada in late 2018 from Quezon City, and is currently based in Toronto, working in the thriving animation, film, and TV industry. 


She's currently working as a 2D Animator at Jam Filled Entertainment. She previously worked at Sphere Animation (Formerly Oasis Animation), Portfolio Entertainment and Guru Studio as a 2D Animator in Toronto, attended Sheridan College's Advanced TV and Film program, and was formerly of the staff of Top Draw Animation in the Philippines.


She's also written for CBCKids and

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